One of the things I love most about Pittsford is how it’s a rare mix of history and innovation. We enjoy a beautiful, historic village nestled inside a thriving 21st century community. Our flourishing neighborhoods lie side by side with traditional farmlands and open green spaces.


What attracted my family to Pittsford is how we honor our past, but what will keep Pittsford great is new leadership focused on what’s happening in the here and now.  


Whether you're talking about infrastructure or preparation for extreme weather events, town leaders across the country know that local action is critical to a competitive and sustainable future.


As your Supervisor, I will focus on the Pittsford of today. We face urgent priorities and need accountable leadership to address them now so that we can achieve the promise of Pittsford -- for ourselves and the generations to come.

Invest in Infrastructure

Pittsford residents count on town services (like yard debris pickup and snow plowing) and unique amenities (like our community center, library, and parks system). Maintaining and improving our quality of life through stable taxes and infrastructure investment are the basic building blocks of solid town leadership.

Accountability Matters

Government must represent all of the people and not just those of a chosen political party or whose friends are in power. Transparency and accountability in government is just a start. We must foster a participatory approach to decision making

Focus on Transportation

Protect Natural Beauty

Well-maintained roads, sidewalks, trails, and bike paths keep our community safe and improve home values. Our town’s Active Transportation Plan should be viewed as a commitment, not an experiment. It is the starting point for ongoing improvements that will deliver long-term, quality of life value to Pittsford residents.

We are lucky to live in a 12,000 acre community graced with scenic beauty, green spaces, open farmlands, a historic village, and our world famous Erie Canal. Successful stewardship of our agricultural, suburban, and village communities requires thoughtful consideration of local laws about development, noise, wildlife populations, hunting, farming, clean water, and many other concerns.

Land Use and Building Permits

Based on the community feedback we’ve gathered in our town’s Comprehensive Plan Update, the next Supervisor will make important decisions about the Pittsford Town Code. This code will set policy for new developments that will shape our community and affect taxpayers for decades to come. The code will also set policy about residential improvement projects and additions.

Prioritize Long-Time Pittsford Residents

Right now, more than one-third of our community’s population is over the age of 55. That figure is expected to rise in the next 10 years. We must prioritize, engage, and support our current residents in ways that encourage them to remain members of our community for decades to come.

Prepare for a Changing Workforce

We have long been known as one of the best communities in Upstate New York as a home to leaders in the academic, medical, and business fields. Maintaining that excellence and achievement is a shared priority.

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