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Whether you're talking about infrastructure or preparation for extreme weather events, town leaders across the country know that local action is critical to a competitive and sustainable future. 

A vibrant, resilient Pittsford, now and in the future, requires ACTION. Business as usual is not enough. We need new leadership to adapt, grow, and remain the most desirable place to live in western New York.


What does a modern approach to leadership look like?


I’ve listened to your concerns about the angry and unwelcoming atmosphere at Town meetings, feeling excluded or dismissed by the current supervisor, and the minimal opportunity to participate in decision-making. We deserve open, responsive, respectful government. As your Supervisor, I will start by making government processes — communications, forums, volunteer boards, budgeting inclusive and transparent. True leadership starts with setting aside one’s personal pride and agenda, bringing all stakeholders together, and listening. We move forward through dialogue, respectful dissent, and consensus building. We move forward together.


In 2020, amid a global pandemic and record unemployment, our current supervisor proposed a budget that exceeded the tax cap. Thankfully, our Democratic majority held firm against it and won. Pittsford needs a leader committed to lowering the tax burden on residents while championing local business. Of course the Village is an autonomous entity, but the Town and Village are in this together. As Supervisor, I will advocate for policies and practices that keep shop owners in business, and I will collaborate closely with Village leaders to reach our shared economic goals. Together, we must preserve the center of this community and invest in the shared public spaces that make Pittsford strong.


Pittsford’s Green Print was a trailblazing effort 30 years ago. Climate science has come a long way since the 1990s. We must move forward with purpose and urgency. As Supervisor, I will aggressively pursue the Climate Smart Community certification. We will update the Town Code to include green building practices, plant native species in park districts and new developments, and reevaluate public land use to maximize soil health and carbon sequestration. We will transition our fleet of Town vehicles to electric when possible. We will connect our nature trails into a complete network and build sidewalks and other infrastructure so we can commute safely by foot and bike. We will lead a robust sustainability education effort to help residents disrupt the waste cycle, end pesticide use, reduce energy consumption, and be climate smart in our own backyards. 


We all love our schools. They are one of our greatest assets, and what they need is tangible support from Town leaders, not platitudes. The state owes our schools - and our kids - millions. They’re facing budget shortfalls and ever-evolving COVID safety guidelines. I will use my position and agency to fill the vacuum left by current leadership. I’ve already invested years into building strong relationships with our newly elected leaders in Albany. You can count on me to successfully advocate for what our schools and kids deserve.


More than a THIRD of Pittsford’s population is 55 and older, and many face tough decisions once their children leave the public school system. We must honor those who made Pittsford what it is today by recognizing and supporting their needs now. COVID infection rates in nursing homes top 40%. Isolation is causing a very real decline in mental health. We need to help Pittsford families by ACTING now. One way we do this is by updating our Town Code to allow accessory dwelling units, mixed-use residential/commercial buildings, and in-law suites. What are we waiting for? 

Ped Safety

Well-maintained roads, sidewalks, trails, and bike paths keep our community safe and improve home values. Our town’s Active Transportation Plan should be viewed as a commitment, not an experiment. It is the starting point for ongoing improvements that will deliver long-term, quality of life value to Pittsford residents.


As residents of Pittsford, we value a community where people feel safe, productive, respected, and included. That’s why we must champion inclusive business practices and education in partnership with local businesses, entrepreneurs, schools, universities, nearby towns, and the City of Rochester. Innovation and careful fiscal management are needed to grow Pittsford’s leadership position in our community.


We have long been known as one of the best communities in Upstate New York as a home to leaders in the academic, medical, and business fields. Maintaining that excellence and achievement is a shared priority. 


Likewise, Pittsford residents count on town services (like yard debris pickup and snow plowing) and unique amenities (like our community center, library, and parks system). My goal is to not just maintain but improve service delivery without raising taxes.

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